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With a coral pink pencil, you playfully rotate your lips so your lips do not turn red. At the same time, lipsticks are also processed due to the shea mass, natural waxes and oils.

A classic red pencil is an essential aid for an ideal lip liner. At the same time, they take care of them during the day thanks to a combination of natural waxes and oils.

With a pencil in a brownish-pink tint, you can easily level your lips, which makes it easier to apply lipstick and prevents its spread. At the same time, the pencil for the lips takes care of natural wax or oils.

Thanks to a pencil with a coral hue, you can easily improve the contours of lipstick and prevent the spread of lipstick. A pleasant texture is applied superbly, nourishes and protects the delicate skin throughout the day.

The terracotta brown handle glides smoothly over your lips to help you create a uniform contour that prevents the spread of lipstick. He is full of caring waxes and oils.

Pencil in a dark brownish-pink tint is an indispensable addition to the perfect make-up of the lips. It prevents the spread of lipstick and contains many caring waxes and oils.

Contour lipstick with a special red tone precisely frames your lips and guarantees the perfect result in cooperation with your favorite red lipstick.

Natural color lips with a creamy smooth consistency will impress its distinctive and fashionable hue in a pink fuchsia. This shade optically vyběluje teeth and is suitable for cold and hot skin tint.

Lipstick with natural oil and oil deeply moisturizes the lips and adds an elegant shade of beige shade with pink tones in the color of liquid caramel for a natural and spoiled appearance.

A nourishing nourishing lip will give your lips a neutral beige shade that works great. Oils and oils take care of their lips and give them a charming shine.

lightly shiny lipsticks in dark pink shades will brighten your lips. Well done it is applied and during the day on the delicate skin of the lip care quality is natural oils and yours.

This lipstick provides an ideal timeless elegance in the form of a distinctive red shade along with an unusual and complex silky soft matte texture that will emphasize the natural beauty of your lips.

The lip gloss in the juicy raspberry tint gives your lips a beautiful summer look and at the same time throughout the day, providing all the substances necessary for their healthy appearance.

The slightly shiny translucent lipstick in a juicy strawberry shade makes your face easier and soothes your lips with natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and rose extract.

The lip contour in the fashionable shade of the plum gives all its contours an intense purple, burgundy or blackberry rtěnkám and thanks to a soft creamy consistency is very simple to use.

Natural lipsticks in a refined bright pink shade will give your lips a very fresh look and optically bleached teeth. Its pleasant creamy consistency and light texture are ideal for everyday make-up.

An attractive coral shade of lipstick will remind you of a vacation. It is an ideal choice for the summer period, but thanks šťavnatému, it is certainly a very nice shadow throughout the year, day or evening makeup.

Lip gloss in a sexy red color emphasizes your lips immediately and emphasizes your natural beauty. Parenting Shi adds your lips and long-term moisturizing nutrition.

Lipstick 29 Body - an excellent addition to everyday natural make-up. Thanks to a soft nude shade with drops of apricot, it flatteres almost all shades of the skin and is suitable for all occasions.

Burgundy and plum shades of lipstick are rates on certainty for the autumn-winter period. Give you a very elegant and original appearance, which is supported by a velvety soft matte texture.

The gloss in fine nu shades subtly shines and is suitable for any occasion. Provide the necessary help for your lips, which were soft and supple.

The soft slightly translucent lipstick of pink shades in the charming house gives you a very elegant and refined look. Extremely soft texture does not burden the lips and protects from excessive drying.

The contour pencil with a natural pink shade finely aligns the lips and works perfectly with pink fondants. Thanks to its comfortable soft consistency, it is applied easily and evenly.

Natural lipsticks that take care of your lips with a mixture of vegetable oil and oil, and also gives you a touch of intense colors in a natural and irresistible fresh shade of pink coral.

Right red lipstick is the absolute necessity of every woman, and when you choose the right shade, it is suitable for everyone. This timeless and elegant red shade gives you a radiant and irresistibly attractive look.

Lip Gloss with a natural composition in a charming shadow. Mature berries will immediately set your lips apart and give them a juicy fresh look. Coconut and Argan oil effectively soften and nourish the lips.

Lipstick 30 dark gray is an excellent addition to everyday natural make-up. Thanks to the dark-dark hue with a drop of old-fashioned pink flattery, almost all shades of skin are suitable for all occasions.

Creamy natural lipstick in bright trend shadows is ideal for autumn and winter. Deep plum tones with a drop of brown emphasize your face and give you a unique, elegant look

Intensive lipstick with high moisturizing ingredients will give your lips a complex dark beige shade that will optically increase your lips and give them a light shine and elegant appearance.

Lipstick in a refreshing pink color with fuchsia tones accurately adjusts your lips, gives them an accurate contour and nourishes them thanks to natural ingredients.

Lipstick will give your lips a distinctive dark purple hue with a slight cold shade. Natural oils and waxes take care of the bottom and leave them beautifully soft and supple.

Natural lipstick with an irresistible, velvety, soft, matte texture covers your lips with a silky veil in a fresh and young, cold pink shade that looks great on everyday make-up.

Lipstick in a soft pink shade gives the lips a juicy color. Thanks to natural nutritional ingredients and shea butter, he takes care of his lips and supplies the necessary ingredients.

Lipstick 31 caramel is the perfect accessory for the everyday natural version. Thanks to the delicate caramel color, the brown tint with a splash of pink flatter almost all shades of the skin and is suitable for all occasions.

Lipstick in the attractive and passionate shade cherry perfectly emphasizes the beauty of your lips and gives you an elegant appearance. Thanks to the creamy consistency, it is easy to apply and do not dry out the lips.

Creamy lipstick with a high quality natural makeup in a bold dark red hue is very complex and feminine. This universal shade of wine is suitable for all skin podtónům.

Lipstick in a unique shade of pink with purple tones gives you an elegant and refined look. A light creamy consistency will cover your lips with a charming sheen with a beautiful satin luster.

Lipstick in a classic bright red color with a warm tint is suitable for any occasion. This will add to your lips the necessary care for their softness and elasticity

Charming matte lipstick in a lush peach color will decorate your face and give you a brighter and younger look. Pigments and a mixture of nutrients and oils is an excellent choice for daily make-up.

Lip Gloss in a fresh soft peach tint is a great option for everyday make-up. It is suitable for all skin tones. Oil and oil to give lips the amount of substances, vitamins and nutrients.

Transparent lipsticks with intensive care in an attractive champagne shade will promote the natural beauty of your lips and give them a prolonged moisturizing. A subtle shimmering shade brightens your face.

Cream lipstick nourishes and moisturizes the lips, providing a natural beige-brown shade that acts naturally and over time. Thanks to vitamin E and vegetable oils, he takes care of his lips.

Creamy lipstick in the shade, which will strengthen confidence and attention. Reddish color, you neatly layer depending on your mood. It will highlight the natural color of the lips and gives you an elegant look.

Lovely lipstick in a dark shade of raspberries catches your eye and accentuates your possibilities. With a creamy texture and natural care ingredients will supply the necessary food and its lips have a distinctive appearance.

Lipstick with a velvety texture gives the lips a fresh coral shade, and also cares for them with carnauba wax or jojoba oil.

A lip liner in a red-pink strawberry tint is useful for contoured lip plastics, just fill in and generally with her lips. Strawberry red with impregnations Malina emphasizes the contour of the lips and gives them a complete look.

Purple shade gives the lips a warm burgundy color with brown tones. Despite the more pronounced shade, it is also suitable for daytime make-up, it is not to blame. Ideally suited especially in autumn and winter.

Lipstick with a matte effect thanks to mineral pigments and a thoughtful composition will give your lips a gentle body color that is suitable for every occasion.

A lip liner in a red Cherry tint is ideal for contouring lip plastics, but it is easy with it and the entire area is filled in the lips. A red cherry blossom with a splash of Burgundy highlights the contour of the lips and gives them a complete look.

Pencil for lips - practical help for lips. It can be used as a lipstick and a contour. Try this as eye shadow.