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Is a diuretic harmful ?!

Is a diuretic harmful ?!

Farmazon CZ дек 20, 2021 Main 0 Comments

The well-known furosemide (aka lasix) works from the first minutes and due to the lost water, kilograms on the scales are concealing before our eyes. Due to the abnormal fever and the appearance of edema, in the summer of 2021, the demand for the well-known diuretic has increased significantly. There are about 100 thousand requests in search engines per month. Detox courses also do not hesitate to use diuretics in their programs.

There is no magic pill, but what if I find it?

My patient is 32 years old. The husband hinted that the extra 4 kg does not suit her and the wives of all colleagues are much slimmer. To all the standard methods of losing weight, a pack of lasix was purchased at the pharmacy using a fake friend's prescription. In two weeks, minus 6 kg, although 1-2 tablets ceased to give the desired effect as in the beginning, so it was decided to increase the dosage. Every time trying to quit, edema appeared, and with them the collected kilograms. The patient came to my appointment 4 years after the first package with the phrase: “my kidneys do not work without furosemide”. At this point, the kidneys really didn’t work, but not without lasix, but because of it. Now the woman is 36 years old on dialysis.

Therefore, let's figure it out, Furosemide:
A strong diuretic, it is used according to strict indications in cases of advanced diseases of the kidneys, heart, lungs, etc.
Works from the first minutes. In addition to water, all electrolytes and salts (potassium, magnesium, etc.)
Addictive. Psychological - I don't want to look in the mirror without a pill. Physical - one tablet in a week will not give the desired effect. Each time the dose should be higher, one of my patients has a "daily ration" of 75 tablets.
Reception of more than two weeks is considered long-term. Side effects appear: from dizziness and nausea to cardiac arrest.
There is no effect from the usual dosage, you will have to increase the dose over and over again). One of my patients had a "norm" of 75 tablets per day.

How to get off?
You cannot throw yourself on furosemide for more than 6 months. Threatens to acute kidney damage. I need hospitalization.
Recently on furosemide, reduce the number of tablets. There will be swelling, they must be endured. Add diuretic foods.

Have you risked your kidneys for beauty?

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