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Sorbents. All the truth.

Sorbents. All the truth.

Farmazon CZ янв 12, 2022 Main 0 Comments

Why you can't drink activated carbon and which sorbent to buy for the holidays:

At their core, enterovants are a kind of robot vacuum cleaners, their task is to clean up everything unnecessary and, most importantly, not to leave traces behind.

They are effective not only for toxins, but also for organic compounds -
amino acids, cholesterol, free fatty acids and more.

Therefore, along with a herring under a fur coat, Olivier salad, a shank and a bottle of sparkling wine, a jar of enterosorbents very often appears on our table.

The effectiveness of enterosorbents is determined by the fact that they
able to absorb and neutralize, and in what quantity. According to this principle, they were divided into four generations and the higher the generation, the better the enterotent.

Activated carbon belongs to the first generation of enterosorbents, it is poorly effective and cannot cope with many toxins and microorganisms. But you should also refrain from taking it because activated carbon does not meet the main requirement - “do not leave any traces after yourself” and may well damage the intestinal mucosa.

Therefore, for a festive feast, it is worth choosing the latest generation of enterosorbents, I recommend to my patients such drugs as Polysorb - an understandable mechanism of action, a large evidence base and experience of use, and what is important is an adequate price. Now on the pharmaceutical market there are a lot of chelators at frankly inflated prices.

In addition to holidays, there are also weekdays. Enterosorbents are shown as a course method for many chronic diseases - kidney, liver, heart, etc. It is important not to self-medicate, any pill has side effects. Therefore, for my patient with renal failure, I prescribe sorbents in a short course of 3 to 7 days every month, otherwise problems with the gastrointestinal tract, banal constipation will begin.

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