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Medications from Belarus

Medications from Belarus

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Medicines from Belarus (Lekarstva iz Belorussii)

 Pharmaceutical market of Belarus is developing by leaps and bounds.

 It produces medicines for all diseases and ailments in an affordable price range.

 In Belarusian pharmacies you can find a medicine with a similar composition and therapeutic effect on almost all expensive foreign drugs.

 In Belarus, you can buy a very extensive list of medicines without a prescription, which makes buying medicines from Belarus even easier and more affordable for everyone.

 That is why many Belarusian medicines have won the appreciation of customers not only in Belarus, but also residents of the CIS and neighboring countries.

 The most popular medicines produced in Belarus include:

 The range of the online store at the moment is about 70,000 items, and this is only the beginning, because it is being replenished all the time.

 Pharmaceutical industry

The Belarusian pharmaceutical industry belongs to the category of actively developing segments, attractive for investors. In terms of average per capita consumption of pharmaceutical products, the Republic of Belarus in 2011 ranked third among the CIS countries and Georgia - $ 66.5. More than 30 companies are engaged in the production of medicines in the country. At the same time, about 90% of the drugs produced in the country are produced by enterprises that are part of the concern "Belbiopharm". The organization unites 18 institutions, the largest of which are RUE "Belmedpreparaty", OJSC "Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations" and JV "Farmland". According to the experts' expectations, the share of Belarusian medications in the domestic market by the end of 2015 should be at least 50% in value terms.

One of the advantages of working in the Belarusian pharmaceutical industry is access to the market of products of the countries of the Common Economic Space (CES) - its volume in 2011 amounted to $ 24.8 billion, as well as to the market of CIS countries.

Special conditions for innovative pharmaceutical / biotechnological productions are created within the framework of the scientific and technological park "BelBiograd."

In addition, favorable factors for the development of cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry is

Reciprocal recognition of registration certificates for medicinal products of producers of the Member States of the Customs Union produced under good manufacturing practices (GMP) from 2013.
Gradual harmonization of legal requirements in the field of medicinal products with EU requirements.
the scientific potential of the biotechnological industry: the development of the institutes of the Academy of Sciences and higher educational institutions in the field of genomic biotechnology, veterinary medicine, and agrarian biotechnology.
Today, evticheskoy industry Belarus interested in the company of the Czech Republic and Switzerland, which are ready to become an investor in the creation of new industries for the production of new drugs and substances for domestic medicine, as well as take part in the opening of the Experimental Center or Laboratory for Cell Engineering. Representatives of Actelion PharmaceuticalsLtd (Switzerland) and PrimeCella.s (Czech Republic) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and agreed to prepare proposals for interested ministries and departments.

 Order medicines from Belarus (Zakazat lekarstva iz Belorussii)

 In the online pharmacy you can order medicines from Belarus with delivery to your city. online pharmacy specialists will advise you on delivery times and payment terms, as well as help you place an order for medicines from Belarus in a specialized online store as soon as possible.

 We offer you not only the most common non-prescription medications from Belarus, but also prescription medications according to the prescription prescribed by your doctor.

 To place an order fill out the form and send it by email

 Order Form:

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 2 Dosage

 3 The brand

 4. amount

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 Buy medicines from Belarus (Kupit lekarstva iz Belorussii)

 In our online store you can always buy the medicines and medicines you are interested in from Belarus on the most favorable terms.

 In order to buy medicines from Belarus, you only need to leave a request for and within 12 hours our manager will contact you.

 For more productive work, indicate the name of the medicine and the required dosage.

 Delivery of drugs from Belarus by mail is carried out on average from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the distance of the region.

 Drug delivery from Belarus (Dostavka lekarstv iz Belorussii)

 Our site contains a large selection of medicines from Belarus for all diseases and for maintaining health and beauty.

 A detailed description and instructions for which you can always find using the convenient search engine on the site.

 We will deliver you certified medications and vitamins using the DHL delivery service.

 You can also purchase goods using GLS delivery or place an order with delivery by mail to your city.

 By ordering Austrian drugs with delivery in terms from 3 to 14 days in our online store, you will protect yourself and your family from counterfeiting and low-quality medicines.

 Popular drugs from Belarus.  TOP drugs from Ukraine (Populyarnye lekarstva iz Belorussii. TOP lekarstv iz Belorussii)

 On the main page of the site you can always see your attention on the most popular drugs, promotional items, discounted drugs, as well as TOP drugs from Belarus and other countries of the world.

 We offer you not only the most popular products from Belarus, but also a wide selection of rare and expensive medicines and high-quality cosmetics that meet European standards.

 Our specialists will be happy to advise you and tell you about the delivery times and payment terms in order to deliver you medicines and medicines from Belarus as soon as possible and on terms that are favorable to you.

 Opinions about medicines from Belarus (Otzyivyi o lekarstvah iz Belorussii)

 In Ukraine, online pharmacies are very popular because of their convenience and accessibility.Other countries, including the CIS countries, are not an exception, and in order to protect themselves and their relatives, customers often resort to the so-called otzovikov, where you can learn in detail about the working conditions and delivery of any popular online store.

 Belarusian pharmaceutical companies have established themselves as manufacturers of high-quality medicines at affordable prices.

 Drugs produced in Belarus are in great demand in the CIS countries because of the excellent price-performance ratio.

 Each buyer will be able to verify this by scrolling through the pages of popular otzovikov.

 The online store presents you the widest range of medicines from Belarus with a complete description and instructions for use, as well as convenient delivery to your city.

 To order medicines, medical products or vitamins from Belarus, you can fill out an application on the website or follow the link HELP 24/7

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